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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kingdom of Heaven Director's Cut Blu-Ray

The first time i saw Kingdom of Heaven,was in 2005,when it was released in cinemas.In my opinion,it was a good movie.Yesterday,i saw the Director's Cut Blu-Ray.This version has over 40 minutes of additional footage from the original.It's a more complete,a different,as some argue,movie .It'a better movie.Add to that,the fact it's in HD,and you have a very good movie experience.Even if you'have seen the theatrical cut of Kingdom of Heaven,the director's cut is definetely worth watching.
Note:According to Ridley Scott, the studio perceived Kingdom of Heaven as an action-adventure film when it really went much deeper than that. The film was marketed as such, resulting in negative reviews and poor box-office performance. After presenting the film to 20th Century Fox, Scott had to cut the film down for release in theaters. The result was a thinner plot and significantly less characterization and character development. Scott and his crew have all stated that they consider the Director's Cut to be the true version of the film and the theatrical cut more of an action movie trailer for the real film. Reviewers have described it as the most substantial Director's Cut of all time and a title to equal any of Scott's other works.

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