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Friday, April 4, 2008

Day of the Dead (2008 remake)

Plot ( government contained city is infected by zombies when people who are bitten by zombies are taken to the local hospital. Meanwhile, the remaining survivors take cover in an underground tunnel. Day of the Dead opens with a Military road block securing a small town Colorado highway. We quickly become acquainted with Captain Rhodes (Ving Rhames), Corporal Sarah Cross (Mena Suvari), Privates Bud Crain (Stark Sands) and Salazar (Nick Cannon); all of whom are preparing to surround and secure the infected city.
Last year,i saw the remake of Dawn of the Dead (2004),which was directed by Zack Snyder.It was a good film.Until recently,it was the only film that i've seen from the Dead series.Today i saw the remake of Day of the Dead,which was originally set for a theatrical release, but will now be a direct-to-video premiere.This film does not have any connection to the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead.I could write about the flaws of the film,but,in any case,the conclusion is one:this film is bad.Sometimes,it's not only bad,it's ridiculous.If you see it,you'll have the chance of seeing the spiderman-zombies!Day of the Dead is a film,that you should probably avoid watching.


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