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Friday, January 18, 2008

Faves 2007-movies

These are my favourite movies of 2007 :
-We own the night
-Micheal Clayton
-American Gangster
-My Blueberry Nights
trailer in a previous post
-Air I Breathe
trailer in a previous post
-3:10 to Yuma
-Bourne Ultimatum
-Rocky Balboa (2006)
-The Fountain (2006)

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3:10 to Yuma Review

James Mangold's filmography shows his diversity as a director.From Copland(1997) to Walk the Line(2005) and now 3:10 to Yuma ,James Mangold has directed a dirty cop drama,a biopic and now a western.3:10 to Yuma is is a remake of the 1957 film 3:10 to Yuma, making it the second adaptation of Elmore Leonard's short story.I have not seen the original movie ,so i can't comment on the differences between the two movies.The movie is divided in three parts:the first is about the events before the arrest of Ben Wade (Russell Crowe),the second is about the events during the journey to the train station and the third is about the arrival in Contention and about the subsequent events.
3:10 to Yuma is a western but it is also a character drama.It is a character drama because a significant part of the plot centers (around) the two main characters:Ben Wade and Dan Evans (Christian Bale).Ben Wade is a wanted outlaw,who has stolen thousands of dollars and who has a loyal lang,while Dan Evans is a impoverished rancher,a family man, a Civil War veteran,the service of whom in the army has influenced his present life to a significant extent.He is struggling to make ends meet and has to face the criticism of his wife and of his older son.When Wade is arrested (with the help of Dan Evans),Evans is enlisted to guard and deliver him to the Contention train station.On the way to the train station,the escort team faces various challenges,hostile conversations take place,people are killed.Wade tries to escape,however the group finally arrives to the destination.
Dan Evans is commited to deliver Wade for arrest.While others abandon,he continues.The last part of the movie is the last stand of Evans.During this time,Evans and Wade come to some short of understanding and respect.Although Wade is an outlaw ,he shows that some sense of morality and respect still exists in him.He is an ambiguous character and so is the ending of the movie.
Russell Crowe and Christian Bale give powerful perfomances.The music is ,at times,great and the direction is also very good.3:10 to Yuma is fresh take on an old movie genre.It is a western with substance.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Faves 2007-Music

These are my favorite albums of 2007
-Bruce Springsteen_Magic
-Kanye West_Graduation
-Bloc Party_A weekend in the city
-Linkin Park-Minutes to midnight
-My Blueberry nights OST
-Amy McDonald_This is the life
_Jay-Z_American Gangster
-Manic Street Preachers_Send away the tigers
-Smashing Pumpkins_Zeitgeist

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

'National Treasure: Book of Secrets' Review

Back in late 2004, i saw National Treasure.I thought that it was an entertaining, enjoyable movie, with all these history-related clues and riddles connected in a successful way.In the 2007 sequel, the makers of the first movie try to follow the same formula.In,their effort they don't fail but they also don't succeed .

The story of the film, which centers around the effort of Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage) to clear his great-great grandfather's name, is a significant drawback .It is one of the reasons for which the film is not as entertaining as the first one.The film gears up from the scene in the Library of Congress until the scene in the cave, which is, as mentioned in some reviews,a n impressive and a well directed one.There are some funny moments,for the majority of which Riley Poole (Justin Bartha) is responsible.As for the perfomances, Ed Harris is adequate as the villain, but his character's motives, which are revealed towards the end of the film,are silly.Helen Mirren's perfomance,as Ben Gates' mother, is not noteworthy.

To sum up, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, is not , by any means, a bad movie but it also is not a particularly good one.Let's hope in that in the third movie (which is probably going to be filmed,considering the fact that Book of secrets is on course to surpass, in terms of gross revenue,the first film) the elements that made National Treasure an enjoyable film ,will be present , at least in a more successful way than in the sequel. Read more!

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