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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lost Teleconference (4/17) - Summary (Light Spoilers)

# 8-hour story was crammed down to 5 hours and felt rushed. Ended up expanding 80-page finale to 100-pages for extra hour.
# On character deaths: "Some fates will be clear and some fates will be not so clear"
# Know what the last scene of Lost is, but do have some leeway on the last line,
# Every season of the show is a 'book', and the last chapter in the 'book' has to be the best chapter (referring to finales)
# Locke and Jack represent the two different philosophical poles of the show. (Science vs Faith)
# The title of the finale is "There's No Place like Home", part one on May 15th and part two on May 29th.
# Read the Bible for information prevalent to Lost's future.
# Learned most of the philosophical content of Lost from Philosophy 101 in college.
# Damon and Carlton don't "bend to the fans will", but have the same overall reaction from the fans.
# There are 34 episodes left in seasons 5 and 6.
# They finished writing the season finale on Monday and are fine tuning it now.
# The enhanced episodes are considered "cliff notes" for the show.
# The final three hours of the show show how Jack and Kate become part of the 'O6 and how Sawyer doesn't. All balancing on the love triangle's axis.
# They are planning an online prologue for season five, similar to 'Find 815.'
# Orchid video pays off in a big way for the finale.
# The story's that were dropped because of the writer's strike will be picked up in later season's
# All the music in the show is very focused and intentional.
# Everything that was set up in the first half of the season will pay off in the second half.
# Season 5 should be launching in the last week of January.
# They decided to expand on the Penny/Desmond love story, because of the incredible chemistry between the two.
# You will be seeing more of Alan Dale (Charles Widmore) sooner rather than later, and more of him than you have seen.
# On the "game changer" that would make the word flash irrelevant: "If we were to switch perspectives at any time and suddenly we were off the island focusing on the Oceanic 6 trying to get back, that would be the present, and what was happening back on the island [the 'woosh'] would be the either parallel present, possibly the past, or possibly the future."
# The four toed statue was not too weird to be on the show, they are getting to who built it and why it has four toes in the shows future.
# You will see smokey in the first episode back and get a "healthy dosage" of Jacob before the end of the season.
# They are 'not commenting' on the mysterious London filming.
# There will not be any Lost "spin offs." They want to bring the story to a close with the final episode.
# Damon and Carlton spend more time with each other than they do with their wives, or even each other's wives.
# The name 'Frozen Donkey Wheel' is not supposed to make any sense, but is an inside joke with the writers.
# They will not comment on the fate of Rousseau, but they can confirm that she was indeed shot with bullets.
# No regrets for making an end date for 'Lost', unless Darlton become replaced zombies or cyborgs.
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