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Friday, April 11, 2008

New DVD set might give hints about X-Files movie

The new X-Files sequel that is supposed to hit theaters this July 25. The movie has been pretty much under wraps, except for a snippet of film here and some behind the scenes photos there. And the cast and crew certainly aren't saying anything about the movie's plot. The only hint we've received is that this movie has more to do with a standalone mystery than the alien mythology storyline from the show (and the first film).

But now I'm slightly confused, as this press release for a new X-Files DVD set says that the set gives a hint as to what we can expect in the movie.

The set is called "Revelations" and includes eight classic episodes from the series chosen by creator Chris Carter. The thing is, it's really a mix of standalone episodes and alien mythology. The episodes are the "Pilot" and "Beyond the Sea" (from Season 1), "The Host" (from season 2), "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" (from season 3), "Memento Mori" (from season 4), "Post-Modern Prometheus" and "Bad Blood" (from season 5), and "Milagro" (from season 6). The set will also feature the trailer for the big screen adventure and that session from WonderCon, which included a teaser that made fans go wild.

I'm not sure if this info is to throw fans off the track as to what the movie is about, or the movie is about vampires, Frankenstein, aliens, psychics, the New Jersey sewers, brain cancer, and weird novel writers.

The set will be in stores on July 1, so you'll have a few weeks to watch the episodes to prepare for the movie.

Tv Squad,11/4/2008,Author:Bob Sassone

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