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Sunday, June 29, 2008

X-Files Favorite Episodes: Season 4

Less than a month is left before the release of the long awaited sequel X-Files:I Want To Believe.In order to remember some of the show's best moments,i'll post each week my favorite X-Files episodes,from season one to season nine.Each post will have plot summaries and videos (trailers and clips,except from some season 1-2 episodes).The truth is still out there!
Mulder and Scully return on July 25.

Season 4

Episode 6 (079) "Sanguinarium"
(Written by Vivian Mayhew and Valerie Mayhew, Directed by Kim Manners)

Bizarre murders in a hospital’s plastic surgery unit lead Mulder and Scully to suspect a supernatural force may be responsible.

Episode 7 (080) "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man" (Written by Glen Morgan & James Wong(uncredited), Directed by James Wong & Glen Morgan(uncredited))

Taking a page from the Superman comic “Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography,” this episode details the previous exploits of the Cigarette Smoking Man. Mulder, Scully and Byers meet with Frohike, where he details what may be Cancerman’s real life.

Episode 16 (089) "Unrequited" (Written by Howard Gordon & Chris Carter,Directed by Michael Lange)

The mysterious assassination of a high-ranking military official has Mulder and Scully racing against the clock to stop a seemingly unstoppable - and invisible - assassin.

Episode 19 (092) "Synchrony" (Written by Howard Gordon & David Greenwalt, Directed by Jim Charleston)

Mulder and Scully investigate a murder for which the suspect presents an incredible alibi - that the death was foretold by an old man able to see into the future.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Bourne IV news:Jason Bourne Heading South for Fourth Film

By Eric D.Snider,Cinematical
June 26,2008
Sure, the third Jason Bourne film was called The Bourne Ultimatum, which sounds pretty final. And sure, the author of the books, Robert Ludlum, only wrote three of 'em. But when everyone's having a good time and -- especially -- making money and earning Oscars, why stop the party just because the trilogy is finished? Quadrilogies are the new trilogies.

The guys at were on the red carpet at the genre-oriented Saturn Awards the other night, and they managed to snag a few words with Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley, producers of (among many other things) the Bourne series. Marshall re-confirmed that a fourth film is definitely in the works, saying, "Hopefully we're gonna be shooting next summer for a release in 2010."

The video at IESB also has Marshall explaining, "There was a fourth book written, but it was not by Mr. Ludlum, so we're probably going to take our own direction." He and Crowley both observed that Jason Bourne has not been to South America yet, and that that's where they're thinking the next adventure will be set.

Paul Greengrass, who directed the second and third Bourne films, is back onboard, and so is Matt Damon. So far, there has been no announcement of who's writing the screenplay.

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Emmys 2008-Top 10 Comedy and drama finalists

Curb Your Enthusiasm
Family Guy
Flight of the Conchords
The Office
Pushing Daisies
30 Rock
Two and a Half Men
Ugly Betty

Boston Legal
Friday Night Lights
Grey's Anatomy
Mad Men
The Tudors
The Wire

Final nominations will be announced on July 17

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Timothy Olyphant joins Damages

By Jonathan Toomey,Tv Squad
June 25,2008
It was announced today that former Deadwood star Timothy Olyphant has joined the season two cast of FX's Damages in a season-long arc. This marks Olyphant's first credited TV cast role since the HBO drama went off the air over two years ago.

Olyphant, who will star with returning cast Glenn Close, Rose Byrne, and Tate Donovan, marks the second addition to the FX drama in just over a week. William Hurt joined the show last Monday.

Olyphant's character will become involved in the life of Ellen Parsons (Byrne) as she deals with her fiancé David's murder and the FBI case being mounted against her boss, Patty Hewes (Close). Hurt will play a new client of Hewes.

Season two of Damages went in to production in New York City yesterday and the show returns to FX in early 2009, likely after The Shield's seventh and final season has concluded.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

X-Files Favorite Episodes: Season 3

A month is left before the release of the long awaited sequel X-Files:I Want To Believe.In order to remember some of the show's best moments,i'll post each week my favorite X-Files episodes, from season one to season nine.Each post will have plot summaries and videos (trailers and clips, except from some season 1-2 episodes).The truth is still out there!
Mulder and Scully return on July 25.

Season 3

Episode 2 (51) "Paper Clip"
(Written by Chris Carter, Directed by Rob Bowman)
Mulder and Scully search for answers regarding the old photograph with his father and other unnamed men. Their search takes them to the abandoned Strughold Mining Facility where they uncover a dangerous secret.

Episode 9 (58) "Nisei" (Written by Chris Carter, Howard Gordon & Frank Spotnitz Directed by David Nutter)

A mail order videotape of an alien autopsy blossoms into a much more complicated investigation when Mulder and Scully find the distributor of the tape murdered in his own home apparently by a high-ranking Japanese diplomat. While Mulder’s search for the video leads him to a train car, Scully investigates a Mutual UFO Network group and discovers several women who claim to know her.

Episode 10 (59) "731"
(Written by Frank Spotnitz, Directed by Rob Bowman)

Scully takes X’s advice to heart and investigates more into the implant she removed from her neck. Mulder, having ignored the advice given him, finds himself trapped on the train with a Japanese scientist and the man sent to kill him.

Episode 12 (61) "War of the Coprophages" (Written by Darin Morgan, Directed by Kim Manners)

A small town is plagued by deaths in which the bodies are found covered in cockroaches. Working from home, Scully has scientific explanations for all of them but Mulder - at the crime scene with an attractive bug expert - suspects the insects may not be organic, or earthly.

Episode 17 (66) "Pusher" (Written by Vince Gilligan, Directed by Rob Bowman)

Agents Mulder and Scully’s assistance is requested for a case involving a man seemingly capable of bending people to his will. The suspect uses his mysterious abilities to manipulate Agent Mulder into a dangerous end game.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

U.S Box Office June 20-22

# Title Jun 20 - 22 Jun 13 - 15 % Chg.
Weeks AVG Cumulative

1 Get Smart $ 38,683,480

1 $ 9,891 $ 38,683,480
2 The Incredible Hulk 22,136,060 55,414,050 -60.1
2 6,310 97,055,430
3 Kung Fu Panda 21,934,716 33,612,594 -34.7
3 5,412 155,830,875
4 The Love Guru 13,907,130

1 4,617 13,907,130
5 The Happening 10,482,146 30,517,109 -65.7
2 3,510 50,749,495
6 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom... 8,540,313 14,741,834 -42.1
5 2,693 290,961,044
7 You Don't Mess With the Zohan 7,453,215 16,370,344 -54.5
3 2,274 84,308,418
8 Sex and the City 6,532,394 9,788,353 -33.3
4 2,675 132,452,769
9 Iron Man 4,030,272 5,620,375 -28.3
8 2,108 304,816,141
10 The Strangers 2,122,410 4,024,485 -47.3
4 1,345 49,759,735
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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Trailer #2

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William Hurt joins Damages

By Jonathan Toomey,Tv Squad
June 16
FX announced that William Hurt has joined the season two cast of Damages. He'll play a new client of Glenn Close's Patty Hewes. No further description of his character was given, but the possibility of a professional and personal relationship with Hewes was hinted at.

This will mark the first time that Hurt has signed on to a TV series as a regular as well as the first time he and Close have worked together since The Big Chill. No word on whether or not Hurt's character will extend to the third season though. Damages got the double season renewal back in November.

Even though the show goes back into production this week, it won't return to FX until early 2009.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

X-Files Favorite Episodes: Season 2

Almost a month is left before the release of the long awaited sequel X-Files:I Want To Believe.In order to remember some of the show's best moments,i'll post each week my favorite X-Files episodes,from season one to season nine.Each post will have plot summaries and videos (trailers and clips,except from some season 1-2 episodes).The truth is still out there!
Mulder and Scully return on July 25.

Season 2

Episode 4 "Sleepless"
(Written by Howard Gordon, Directed by Rob Bowman)

An audio cassette hidden in his morning paper brings Mulder to request the case of a scientist’s death consistent with burning, despite the lack of any evidence of any flames or burns. He is given his request...along with a new partner, Agent Alex Krycek.

Opening scene

Episode 6 "Ascension" (Written by Paul Brown,Directed by Michael Lange)
Discovering that Duane Barry abducted Scully, Mulder and Krycek set out to locate her and find themselves at Skyland Mountain retreat, where alliances are revealed, and Scully’s life is threatened after being kidnapped.

Episode 12 "Aubrey"
(Written by Sara Charno,Directed by Rob Bowman)
The body of an old FBI agent is unearthed in Aubrey, Missouri. A serial killer is also on the loose in Aubrey. Mulder and Scully must determine the killer’s identity with Lt. Tillman.

Episode 17 "End Game"
(Written by Frank Spotnitz,Directed by Rob Bowman)
Reeling from the reunion with his sister, Mulder is thrown into a quandary when Scully is taken captive by the bounty hunter. However, when a trap set for him goes awry, the agents must head far north in order to attempt to unravel the mystery.
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Friday, June 20, 2008

Vicky Cristina Barcelona Trailer 2

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'Battlestar's' final season expands; TV movie looking good

By Maureen Ryan,Chigago Tribune Web Edition
June 13,2008
Battlestar Galactica aired its mid-season finale last Friday.There are two bits of good news to share regarding the show.

According to well-informed sources, it’s almost certain that at least one “Battlestar Galactica” TV movie will be made this year.

Here’s even better news: The last-ever episode of “Battlestar” will run three hours, which means that final part of Season 4 will be 11 hours long.

You heard that right: The last leg of the show’s final season will expand to 11 hours, instead of the originally planned 10 hours.

As he discussed here, the show’s executive producer, Ronald D. Moore, wrote "Battlestar's" final episode, which, as written, is three hours long (a wild guess here: Sci Fi probably wouldn’t air the whole thing in one night). Mary McDonnell described her reaction to the script this way: It filled her with "an incredible feeling of adrenaline,” she told Ain't It Cool News. “It made me understand the entire saga, and made me excited for all of you.”

A Sci Fi spokesman said Friday, "As written by Ron, the phenomenal finale script extends beyond the time alotted for the episode. We're exploring how to shoot the extra footage as Ron has envisioned and written it."

As for when the final part of Season 4 will air, Moore has told TV Guide that it’s probably going to be in 2009. reports that the president of Sci Fi has said the last episodes will begin airing in the "first quarter" of 2009.

Kateeviper Regarding the “Battlestar” TV movie, as "Razor" did, it will probably air on Sci Fi first then be released on DVD within days (the preceding sentence was updated with new information from a Sci Fi rep). There’s no word on who will be in the movie, what it will be about and when it will air. All of that is still to be determined.

In a previous story, I’d reported that up to three films were being considered. Whether the other two “Battlestar” TV movies will get made is an open question at this point, but it is possible, according to my sources and according to Galactica Sitrep (which also has wall-to-wall coverage of Wednesday’s screening of the mid-season finale at Los Angeles’ Cinerama Dome).

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Dark Knight Trailer 4

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X-Files Favorite Episodes: Season 1

Almost a month is left before the release of the long awaited sequel X-Files:I Want To Believe.In order to remember some of the show's best moments,i'll post each week my favorite X-Files episodes,from season one to season nine.Each post will have plot summaries and videos (trailers and clips,except from some season 1-2 episodes).The truth is still out there!
Mulder and Scully return on July 25.

Season 1

Episode 2 “Deep Throat”
(Written by Chris Carter, Directed by Daniel Sackheim)

Mulder & Scully travel to Idaho in order to investigate the disappearance of a military test pilot. They observe unusual aircraft activity, prompting Mulder to proclaim the existence of a government conspiracy. Mulder sneaks onto the military base and is spotlighted by one of the craft, but is captured by soldiers and has his memory erased before he is released.


Episode 12 "Fire" (Written by Chris Carter, Directed by Larry Shaw)
Mulder investigates the deaths of British dignitaries at the behest of an old Oxford girlfriend. Bob/Cecil L’Ively is a pyrokinetic, and he wants Sir Malcolm Marsden’s wife. Cecil attempts to kill Marsden, with his ability to make fire come out of his hands, but Mulder stops him.


Episode 17 "E.B.E"
(Written by Glen Morgan & James Wong, Directed by William Graham)
Mulder and Scully receive information from Deep Throat about a UFO that was shot down over Iraq and has been secretly transported to the US. However, Deep Throat then intentionally misleads the agents to prevent them from discovering the truth.

Episode 20 "Darkness Falls"
(Written by Chris Carter, Directed by Joe Napolitano)
Mulder and Scully travel to the remote Washington State National Forest when an entire group of loggers goes missing.

Opening scene

Episode 24 "The Erlenmeyer Flask" (Written by Chris Carter, Directed by R.W. Goodwin)

A seemingly unrelated car chase leads Mulder and Scully to a scientific lab encompassing a secret which could provide proof of a government conspiracy. However, individuals involved with the scientific experiment are being murdered, and the two agents must ensure their own safety. The two come across a flask containing strange DNA particles. All living things are built up of a string of four different DNA cells, but this flask contains both a fifth and a sixth. Scully and Mulder believe that this could be firm evidence of extra-terrestrial life forms. Scully also finds a small head sized alien - which changes her beliefs completely. At the end of this episode, the X-Files project is aborted.
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Jon Favreau talks about Iron Man 2 Villain

"The Mandarin is Iron Man's nemesis and will be incorporated in the sequel. It's true that I am apprehensive about how he is to be presented. In the tech based modern world that we created for (Iron Man), a Fu Manchu style villain with magical/alien tech rings would seem out of place."
"There were early drafts of (Iron Man) where the Mandarin was the main villain, so we've already explored the character to some extent. I am curious to see how he has been treated in his latest books and how that might influence our direction"
"I've already mentioned War Machine and Mandarin. I have some ideas, but I really need to sit down with Downey and the Marvel guys before we say much more" (from the MySpace blog of Jon Favreau)

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Jane Espenson on Battlestar Galactica's mid-season finale

By Keith McDuffee,Tv Squad
June 16,2008
(Warning! If you haven't watched the latest episode of BSG yet, thar be spoilers ahead!)
Writer and co-executive producer Jane Espenson talks about the mid-season finale

"Holy cow, I love this episode beyond the saying of it, and 'thank you' to the fans who have been going out of their way to tell all of us that, too. Adama's reaction to the reveal was stunning -- my gods -- and Starbuck-- her face said it all. A thunderclap. Simply beautiful. You wouldn't want more and you can't imagine less. I'm stating the obvious when I say that a more labored reaction would've attenuated the emotions, given the characters a chance to gather themselves before the big blow that was to come, which certainly would be a mistake. And there's a difference, of course, between finding out that your XO is a Cylon if he's handing you a giftbox filled with a fertile verdant Earth, and finding out that he's holding a cinder-planet. I think the *real* reactions are yet to come, just like in life. The beauty of this episode is in its urgency, in the tumbling breathless slide that lands us on that grim gray unfamiliar beach... It's so gray, in fact, that I think it earns the British spelling. It's grey, which is even worse.

And -- oh -- that haunting devastated city there, with the massive ruined temple and our people trying to find their footing in a strange dead city I did not recognize... that image just kills me. Every time I watch this episode, I well up with hope, and it lasts right up through that handful of soil, and then the radiation counter breaks my heart all over again. I do not easily tear up, but the race to the planet -- don't the ships look like they're *running*? I always think of running... Anyway, that race and then the reveal brings tears to my eyes in a way I'm not sure I've experienced before during a television show. Someday I'll see those images without having to blink through them. Right?

David and Bradley (David Weddle and Bradley Thompson, our writers) did an excellent job throughout this rocketsled of an episode - the writing had to be so delicate, precise and emotional... and they also did such a good job doing little things like dealing with the fallout from my episode the previous week. Baltar saying he loves living is such a gem of a moment among a cascade of gems -- thanks for that, David and Brad! And then, of course, the big stuff starts happening and never ever lets up.

When we screened this episode at Ron's house, months ago, we all sat stunned, and then agreed it was perhaps the best the show had ever produced. And seeing it Wednesday and again Friday night with fans in attendance bore that out... every time the blue clouded planet was revealed, I could hear the inhales of hope, despite the lack of indication of any continents -- and I knew we were about to break some hearts. But, I hope, they only broke like mine did.

I wish we could bring you the next episode right away. In my mind the two fit together so closely so as to almost be a two-parter, and I have that awful sense of having had a phone call cut off mid-sentence with so much left unsaid.

There's so much left unsaid.

Thanks to the fans from me, but especially from David and Bradley -- these two episodes are their babies, and they are so grateful for the appreciation they've been receiving. We all put our hearts and tears and then more hearts into these episodes, and they become parts of us like our flesh. So thank you. Very much. We have the best fans in television.

(And you cannot trick me into revealing the identity of the Fifth by pretending you don't care! I won't fall for that! Not again.)

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Death Race Trailer

Death Race,is the remake of the 1975 film (Death Race 2000) that starred David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone centering on a brutal cross-country car race of the future where pedestrians are run down for points.It stars Jadon Statham.
Premise:In a future America, prison inmates are forced to compete against each other in a driving arena. The prison warden (Joan Allen) coerces a prisoner with only weeks before his release (Jason Statham) into becoming a driver. The prisoner becomes a crowd favorite known as Frankenstein.

Release date:August 22,2008 (U.S.A)

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U.S Box Office June 13-15

# Title Jun 13 - 15 Jun 6 - 8 % Chg.
Weeks AVG Cumulative

1 The Incredible Hulk $ 55,414,050

1 $ 15,810 $ 55,414,050
2 Kung Fu Panda 33,612,594 60,239,130 -44.2
2 8,127 117,289,932
3 The Happening 30,517,109

1 10,220 30,517,109
4 You Don't Mess With the Zohan 16,370,344 38,531,374 -57.5
2 4,723 68,760,685
5 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom... 14,741,834 22,793,630 -35.3
4 3,875 276,524,265
6 Sex and the City 9,788,353 21,218,305 -53.9
3 3,102 119,522,016
7 Iron Man 5,620,375 7,477,439 -24.8
7 2,339 297,918,329
8 The Strangers 4,024,485 8,941,970 -55.0
3 1,670 45,287,220
9 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian 3,165,013 5,658,836 -44.1
5 1,371 131,904,474
10 What Happens in Vegas 1,667,587 3,437,801 -51.5
6 1,173 75,755,145
Source:Box Office Guru
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Waiting To Litigate: Viacom, Google, And YouTube

By David A. Utter,WebProNews
June 9,2008
The ongoing dispute between Viacom and Google over the posting of copyrighted content on YouTube appears destined for the courtroom rather than the settlement table.

As we dug a little more into the persistent kerfuffle between Viacom and Google over YouTube, we found little reason to expect a resolution of the case before next year, at the earliest. Google generally fights its battles in court, and Viacom believes the nature of its lawsuit against YouTube puts it in a stronger position to win.

Win what, you might wonder. Usage of content, including its reposting on the Internet, represents a way for people to share what they enjoy. Viacom told WebProNews that's not a problem, as long as a site purchases a license to do that, as some have.

Not everyone has, of course, and that combined with the constant stream of uploading taking place created a situation where Internet users clash with old ideas about content and sharing. YouTube made it easy for the next generation to swap the 21st Century equivalent of the mix tape with others, but on a one-to-many rather than one-to-one basis.

The merits of fair use bear further discussion; we recommend Stanford and Darknet as a couple of places to look for more legal facts and for opinions, respectively.

Viacom's dispute with YouTube merits a small review, which we'll make an effort at delivering here. The suit originated with a six-count claim against YouTube's deep-pocketed purchaser, Google, in March 2007.

Viacom opened eyes with its billion dollar demand, one the company feels is justified based on the investment Google made to acquire YouTube. What started ostensibly as a place to share amateur videos taken with portable devices grew into a phenomenon; YouTube has become a fixture in modern society.

The mechanisms that make it easy to share video, Viacom said, also enable the rampant copyright infringement the media company believes it suffers in damages. Viacom attempted to assert punitive damages on top of its original claims, a motion Judge Louis Stanton in US District Court in New York (Southern District) denied in March 2008.

In Viacom's eyes, the infringement process works like this: Someone goes to YouTube and uploads a video. There's a copy of the work, as it is recoded into codecs that can be embedded and streamed elsewhere.

See that thumbnail of a copyrighted video? Display rights violation. Click the display to watch the video? Performance rights violation.

For Viacom to win out over YouTube, they only need to convince the court on one of the counts they claim. YouTube has to defend against everything.

That will be a formidable challenge for the defense. YouTube also has to show it isn't encouraging contributory infringement, by inducing others to allegedly infringe by sharing works. Remember the narrowly defined verdict in MGM v Grokster? Viacom thinks it applies here too.

Now that we've navigated into these turbulent waters, we can touch on the greater issue of controlling content displayed online. Part of Viacom's suit argues that YouTube vicariously infringes on the media company's rights.

That hinges on whether or not YouTube can truly control the content coming into its network. As Viacom pointed out, YouTube can and does filter content today, notable in the event of displays of illegal activity. In China, that includes certain political activism; Viacom believes this shows a mechanism of control exists.

YouTube described its controls to us, and by that description seems to have in place what Viacom called for in the User Generated Content Principles the media company began backing in October 2007.

Google's announcement of work on tools to satisfy the media content industry's demand for better policing of uploads led to the development and deployment of Video ID. Its features include taking a digital hash of each video upload.

When a DMCA takedown notice comes in for removal of a video, the hash allows YouTube to block subsequent upload attempts for that work. In theory, this seems to partially address what Viacom wants for the future.

The sticking point comes from policing the uploads for offending content in the first place. It's a demanding effort, but to us seems like one that should lessen over time; as more content hits the index, that should stave off future infringing uploads of that piece of content.

To our layman's point of view, a resolution presents itself, one that doesn't involve a lengthy lawsuit being dragged into a vanishing point in the future. Ensure the filtering technology behind Video ID works to the satisfaction of content creators; enlist the cooperation of major studios to provide hashes of their works to a common database for filtering purposes, on an ongoing basis.

We think this endgame is what both sides want from the lawsuit anyway. With discovery taking place on both sides through the remainder of the calendar year, and neither Viacom nor Google giving any sign they want to settle the case early (Viacom fully expects it to go to trial, and Google tends not to settle cases, historically), the resolution to the suit won't hit our screens for a long while.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Punisher:War Zone The Development-Teaser Trailer

Waging his one-man war on the world of organized crime, ruthless vigilante-hero Frank Castle sets his sights on overeager mob boss Billy Russoti. After Russoti is left horribly disfigured by Castle, he sets out for vengeance under his new alias: Jigsaw. With the "Punisher Task Force" hot on his trail and the FBI unable to take Jigsaw in, Frank must stand up to the formidable army that Jigsaw has recruited before more of his evil deeds go unpunished.

  • 2004
In February 2004, two months prior to The Punisher's theatrical debut, Lions Gate Entertainment announced the studio's intent to produce a sequel. Avi Arad, chairman and CEO of Marvel Studios, expressed his interest in developing the franchise, saying that the second film would "become the fifth Marvel property to become a sequel."In March 2004, the director of the first film, Jonathan Hensleigh, said that he was interested in working with Thomas Jane again for The Punisher 2.In April 2004, Jane said that the villain for The Punisher 2 would be Jigsaw.In November 2004, Jane said that the studio was interested in making a sequel based on successful DVD sales of The Punisher and was developing the preliminary budget for the follow-up.

  • 2005
In March 2005, Marvel Studios announced a 2006 theatrical release date for The Punisher 2.In April 2005, Lions Gate Entertainment's CEO Jon Feltheimer confirmed at LGF's 2005 fiscal 3Q analyst call that the studio had completed its deal to develop The Punisher 2.Arad indicated the sequel would be among the "handful of Marvel films" to carry the R rating.Prior to July 2005,Avi Arad revealed that the script was being rewritten and that the sequel would start filming within the year.By July 2005,Jane had put on an additional 12 pounds of muscle, and was hoping for filming to start in late-2006.

  • 2006
In March 2006, The Punisher 2 was announced to be produced in Louisiana,being listed in the domestic charter under Louisiana's Secretary of State.In August 2006, Marvel Entertainment revealed a new film slate that included The Punisher 2 on its partial list with production still to be determined.Thomas Jane said that the writer was halfway through a draft and that he believed filming would begin by February 2007. Jane confirmed that the villain Jigsaw, first announced in April 2004, would be in the film. Jane also said that director Jonathan Hensleigh would not be returning to direct the sequel.In addition, Lions Gate Entertainment, amidst the studios returning to New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, announced that The Punisher 2 would begin filming within the year.In October 2006, Thomas Jane said the script was due in a couple of weeks, and that it would be "darker, bloodier and more unfriendly than the first one."In December 2006, the screenplay was being rewritten by screenwriter Stuart Beattie.

  • 2007
It was announced that Kurt Sutter, a writer for The Shield, was involved with the script for Punisher 2, but what exactly he was doing was unrevealed.In an interview with Kurt Sutter he said that he had an enjoyable time writing the script for the sequel and that it was going to be very true to the character.In a separate interview Thomas Jane revealed that a new script had been turned in and everyone was hoping it would work out, as the lack of a good script had been holding up production. He further stated that if everything goes as planned then filming should begin in June or July,but shortly afterward, in a letter to Ain't it Cool News Jane wrote that he had pulled out of the movie, stating:
“ What I won't do is spend months of my life sweating over a movie that I just don't believe in. I've always loved the Marvel guys, and wish them well. Meanwhile, I'll continue to search for a film that one day might stand with all those films that the fans have asked me to watch.”

In May 2007, director John Dahl was in talks to direct the movie, but decided to not helm the film.In June it was announced that Lexi Alexander would then take over the role as director as a result.On July 21st it was announced that Northern Irish born actor Ray Stevenson would play the Punisher in the sequel to the 2004 film.Filming is slated to begin in October of 2007 in Montreal.In August, a working title for the film, The Punisher: Welcome Back Frank was announced.On August 28th, Lionsgate announced that the new working name for The Punisher 2 would be Punisher: War Zone.Paddy Considine was considered for the role of Jigsaw in the film but the offer was retracted.In mid-September, director Lexi Alexander announced cast members joining Ray Stevenson with Dash Mihok as Detective Martin Soap,Colin Salmon as Agent Paul Budiansky and Doug Hutchison as Loony Bin Jim.It was announced on September 25th via The Hollywood Reporter, that Dominic West will star as the main antagonist Jigsaw and Wayne Knight will play The Punisher's armorer Microchip. Filming occurred from October 22 until December 14 in Montreal.Principal photography for Punisher: War Zone was completed on December 27.

  • 2008
On February 14, 2008 writer Kurt Sutter officially removed his name from credit arbitration, stating:
“ I took my name off the movie for a few reasons. The obvious reason is because I didn't deserve credit. There was very little of my draft that stayed in the shooting script. The one big one they kept, was the set piece where we see how Russo becomes Jigsaw. It's pretty brutal. Glad they kept that.”

The film was set for September 11, 2008 release, but was pushed back 3 months to December 5, 2008

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Robert Downey Jr. eyed for Sherlock Holmes?

By Jim Vejvoda,IGN
June 11,2008-With Iron Man still raking it in at the box office, the film's star, Robert Downey Jr., has gone from being box office poison a few years ago to a bonafide draw. Downey is reportedly being eyed for a number of high-profile projects now in the works.

According to Entertainment Weekly's Hollywood Insider Blog, Downey is not only being wooed to portray Playboy founder Hugh Hefner in a Brett Ratner-directed biopic, but also for Gary Ross' Dog Years and Fox's detective pic Travis McGee.

But the most genre-friendly project that Downey is said to be looking at is the Guy Ritchie-directed Sherlock Holmes film set up at Warner Bros. EW didn't specify whether Downey was up for the title role or perhaps his partner Dr. Watson or adversary Professor Moriarty. Given that he can now open a movie in his own right, it would seem likely that Downey is mulling the role of the world's greatest detective.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Transporter 3 French Teaser Trailer

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Iron Man 2 Negotiations Update

Recently,there were rumours that that Marvel might not sign Jon Favreau to helm Iron Man 2 because they don't think he deserves whatever amount of money he's supposedly asking for the sequel.Now,it is reported that the studio was reaching out to Favreau and has put out an offer for him to direct the Iron Man sequel, and that it is "much richer" than what he was paid for the first film.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wanted Red Band Trailer

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Babylon A.D Trailer

Babylon A.D. is a science fiction film based on the novel Babylon Babies by Maurice Georges Dantec. The film is being directed by Mathieu Kassovitz and stars Vin Diesel. Babylon A.D will be released on August 29, 2008 in the United States.

In the near future, Toorop (Vin Diesel) is a mercenary who takes the job of escorting a woman from Russia to Canada. While he thinks this is just an ordinary mission, he gradually finds out that his guest is carrying an organism that has the potential to become the next Messiah — and everybody wants to get their hands on it.

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Jon Favreau is concerned about Iron Man 2

"It’s been five weeks since the one and only phone call my reps have gotten from Marvel. I know their hands are full with the Hulk and I’m sure they will get into it shortly, as they tell me they intend to. I ran into the Marvel guys at the Hulk premiere and everyone sounded eager to get to work on IM2.

I am concerned, however, about the announced release date of April 2010. Neither Robert nor I were consulted about this and we are both concerned about how realistic the date is in light of the fact that we have no script, story or even writers hired yet. This genre of movie is best when it is done thoughtfully and with plenty of preparation. It might be better to follow the BB/DK, X/X2 three year release pattern than to scramble for a date. It is difficult because there are no Marvel 09 releases and they need product, but I also think we owe it to the fans to have a great version of IM2 and, at this point, we would have less time to make it than the first one." (From MySpace)

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Terminator 4 Poster-Trailer release date

(Photo published in MTV Movies Blog)
According to MTV Movies Blog,the teaser trailer and initial one sheet are targeted for a July 18th release tied with The Dark Knight.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stiller, Witherspoon fly with Crowe

By Michael Fleming,Tatiana Segel,Variety
June 8,2008
Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon will star in an untitled Cameron Crowe romantic comedy adventure at Columbia Pictures.

Columbia was the winning bidder, beating out four rival studios, in landing the fully developed project, which is being produced by Scott Rudin. Crowe, who wrote the screenplay, is also producing.

Studio is keeping the logline of the contemporary-set project under wraps.

Project reunites Crowe with Columbia for the first time since the helmer's "Almost Famous" in 2000. Crowe and studio topper Amy Pascal have a long-standing relationship that dates back to the filmmaker's 1989 "Say Anything," when Pascal was an executive at 20th Century Fox. Crowe made "Jerry Maguire" -- his biggest box office success -- for Columbia and Pascal.

Film, which will begin lensing in January when Stiller and Witherspoon's schedules open, brings together Rudin and Crowe for the first time. Columbia's move is reminiscent of Pascal outbidding several other parties in February to make Roland Emmerich's pricey "2012." Once again, Columbia is ponying up a sizable sum to add an instant slot-filler to its slate.

Stiller next will be seen in the August comedy "Tropic Thunder," which he also co-wrote, produced and directed. He is shooting "Night at the Museum 2: Escape From the Smithsonian."

Witherspoon's upcoming projects include "Four Christmases," opposite Vince Vaughn. She is voicing characters for DreamWorks Animation's "Monsters vs. Aliens." Read more!

U.S Box Office June 6 - 8

# Title Jun 6 - 8 May 30 - Jun 1 % Chg.
Weeks AVG Cumulative

1 Kung Fu Panda $ 60,239,130

1 $ 14,642 $ 60,239,130
2 You Don't Mess With the Zohan 38,531,374

1 11,130 38,531,374
3 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom... 22,793,630 44,754,615 -49.1
3 5,440 253,014,750
4 Sex and the City 21,218,305 56,848,056 -62.7
2 6,381 99,177,283
5 The Strangers 8,941,970 20,997,985 -57.4
2 3,610 37,298,770
6 Iron Man 7,477,439 13,541,264 -44.8
6 2,551 288,847,640
7 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian 5,658,836 12,704,545 -55.5
4 1,846 125,977,010
8 What Happens in Vegas 3,437,801 6,681,097 -48.5
5 1,453 72,267,894
9 Baby Mama 806,750 2,194,320 -63.2
7 875 57,931,215
10 Made of Honor 804,055 1,913,035 -58.0
6 1,087 44,689,497
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