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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Street Kings review

I like dirty cop movies (mainly Narc and Copland).Street Kings is a movie where corrupt cops are the center of the story.The main character of the plot is Tom Ludlow,a struggling,loyal cop who has experienced a personal drama,something that continues to influence his life.He has done questionable things,but there's still some sense of morality,justice in him.People close to him are not who they seem to be,and he is trapped in a situation,where his life is ,eventually,at stake.It is a power struggle,and he's the victim of it,along with other people.The dark,violent side of L.A,of L.A.P.D is present throughout the movie.There many twists,in a plot where the role of each character is constantly at question.The final twist is the most shocking one.The perfomances are good (Keanu Reeves is really good).Although you may predict some of the plot delevopments,and although the movie sometimes slows down,Street Kings is a good movie.
David Ayer,who directed Street Kings,is the writer of Training Day (2001),Dark Blue (2003) and U-571 (2000).He co-wrote S.W.A.T (2003) and The Fast and the Furious (2001).He directed,wrote and produced Harsh Times (2006).
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