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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Characters

Mutt Williams

No Indy adventure is complete without at least one sidekick.

In addition to his partner, Mac, Indy is joined by young Mutt Williams. Mutt is a greaser straight out of American Grafitti. He's tough, loves his motorcycle, and knows just how to get under Indy's skin. Expect plenty of banter between the two as their quest hits one snag after another.

For whatever reason, Mutt knows about the Crystal Skull and enlists Indy's help in tracking it down. This has forced some to speculate that Harold Oxley, the character who went missing in search of it, is connected to Mutt.
There has also been a good deal of speculation that Mutt is actually Indy's son. This is certainly possible, as the two share a more than passing resemblance and a love for danger. However, Steven Spielberg has dismissed any theories, instead encouraging fans to simply enjoy the fun and adventure of another Indiana Jones movie. Mutt may well be Indy's son, but don't count on this plot point being a major part of the movie.

Marion Ravenwood

Short Round was wrong about one thing. There is time for love, Dr. Jones.

While fans have always pictured Indy as a James Bond figure when it comes to romance, he's bucking the trend for this film by reuniting with an old flame.

Marion Ravenwood, Indy's love interest from Raiders of the Lost Ark, returns for another adventure. Like Indy, Marion is getting up there in years, but time has done little to dull her beauty or her gusto. The two originally met and fell in love because Marion's father was a colleague of Indy's. With Prof. Ravenwood also reportedly appearing in Crystal Skull, it's likely he has some hand in bringing the on-again, off-again lovers together.

Irina Spalko

Indy has squared off with some intimidating villains in his adventures, mostly of the Arabian or Nazi variety. A lot can change in two decades, though.

The Third Reich has given way to the Iron Curtain. The Soviet army has become the latest target of Indy's bullwhip, and his prime nemesis is the beautiful but deadly Irina Spalko.

Unlike many of Indy's enemies, Spalko prefers to do her killing with a fencing blade or her bare hands. Somehow, we doubt that Indy will be able to dispatch her as easily as he did the Arabian market swordsman in the first movie. Much like Dr. Elsa Schneider from The Last Crusade, Indy finds himself caught in a love/hate relationship as his attraction for Spalko comes into conflict with her desire to kill him.

George "Mac" McHale

Time and contractual obligations have cruelly taken away two of our favorite Indy characters – Sallah and Marcus Brody. Replacing Sallah as Indy's occasional partner and right-hand-man is Mac. While Mac is handy to have around in a firefight, he's not necessarily as unflinchingly loyal as Sallah was. Mac is as much an archaeological competitor as he is a friend to Indy, and their relationship can best be described as troubled.

Dean Charles Stanforth
Whereas the rough and tumble Mac fills in for Sallah, Dean Stanforth replaces Marcus Brody as the brains of Indy's ragtag outfit.

Dean Stanforth heads up Yale and is often a friendly and helpful voice for the aging adventurer. If he takes after Brody at all, expect Stanforth to be unwillingly dragged into all manner of death-defying circumstances.,7/5/2008,written by Jesse Schedeen

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