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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jennifer’s Body Story Details

Hot off the announcement of Karyn Kusama to helm "Jennifer's Body," which stars Megan Fox, trustworthy reader “Diablo Fan” has read the script and sent us his thoughts about it by submitting some story details.

The film is a quirky comedic thriller written by "Juno" scribe Diablo Cody., which follows a cheerleader (Megan Fox) in a sleepy town whose perfect life goes haywire when she becomes possessed and begins killing the young men in town who lust after her.

Here is what “Diablo Fan” tells us:

Just finished Jennifer’s Body, the next project from Juno wunderkind Diablo Cody set to lens in March. Jennifer’s Body is hot news because it’s sporting Transformers’ hottie Megan Fox and just got a director – Girlfight and Aeon Flux’s Karyn Kusama.

I liked Juno. I thought it was cute, endearing, and original – a clever mash up of Napoleon Dynamite and Knocked Up. I thought Cody had an original voice. Granted, that voice got on my nerves over time with her characters spouting unique slang terms every five seconds – jargon that is certainly going to find itself printed on t-shirts for a whole new generation of Hot Topic consumers – but she can also plot a good story and craft some interesting characters, so I’m willing to overlook the whole funny-talking thing.

I was excited to read her follow-up, especially since everyone in this town thinks she shits golden eggs or something. What I expected was… well… not this. I knew it was a little dark, but Jesus Christ – this is Napoleon Dynamite meets The Exorcist.

Devil’s Kettle, Minnesota. We start out with NEEDY, our 17-year-old narrator and protagonist sitting in a mental hospital for killing her best friend, JENNIFER.

Things start out normal. For all I knew this was turning out to be another Girl, Interrupted. And you just might think that for the first third.

Needy does not cooperate with any of the hospital staff, so she gets sent to the hole – solitary confinement. Only then do we get a taste of what happened, with the confined Needy narrating for us.

First, we see Needy kill Jennifer. Jennifer sits on her bed and Needy bursts through the window. After a scuffle, Needy stabs Jennifer in the chest with a box cutter. Jennifer dies and the police arrest Needy, who is proud and rather nonchalant about what she did.

For this to all make sense, we go back. Jennifer and Needy were best friends since childhood. Needy was bookish, a little nerdy, and very smart while Jennifer was the sultry and reckless girl every guy wanted to ask out. Jennifer convinces Needy to go with her to a concert at a local dive where a local band was playing. Needy’s boyfriend, CHIP, disapproves, saying it’s dangerous and sketchy, but they go anyway.

At the bar, Jennifer flirts with a number of guys, but sets her eyes on the band. She hints to them that she’s a virgin despite this being an outright lie; the band likes her, especially the creepy lead singer – Needy is leery of them. As they begin to play, a fire breaks out and the bar quickly goes up in flames.

Needy forces Jennifer through a bathroom window. Outside, they speak with the lead singer who assures them his band is full of cowards and they were probably the first out. Inside, they can hear people scream, burning alive.

The lead singer convinces Jennifer to come with them in their van. Needy tells her not to go with them but Jennifer doesn’t listen.

Her mother at work late, Needy arrives at home alone. She hears a noise and worries someone is inside her house. She goes to look and sees Jennifer, bloodied and beaten. Jennifer begins to attack Needy and vomits black bile full of spiny junk. Needy fends off Jennifer and Jennifer flees.

The next day, Jennifer looks totally normal and says nothing happened even though Needy has blood on her fingernails and distinctly remembers cleaning up the black bile. Everyone is sad about the deaths at the bar, but Jennifer just laughs.

After school, Jennifer approaches a football player who she saw crying earlier. She assures him that she’s there for him and convinces him to go into the woods with her. Animals surround them as Jennifer undresses and rubs herself all over the football player; suddenly, her mouth opens wide, full of fangs, and she begins to gut him.

So you get the idea. Needy isn’t crazy – her best friend has become some kind of possessed cannibal demon thing.

Jennifer continues eating various classmates. No one believes Needy. More witty banter ensues.

Guess who turned Jennifer into a demon? That’s right – the band had something to do with it. And Satanism and super demon powers.

I have no idea what to think about this. If you remove the R-Rated gore, this is a Juno-esque coming of age comedy about friendship. Take away that and you get a decent teenage horror flick. Combined? Uh….

I’m intrigued by Jennifer’s Body. It’s unique, that’s for certain, but this mash-up doesn’t really make much sense to me. Take away the Diablo Cody humor, language, and one-liners, and you’ve got this oddly-paced, slightly incoherent horror comedy. Slither, that worked for me. But this… this is trying too hard to be some genre-smashing cult-hit like Donnie Darko. It’s original, so I’m definitely giving Cody credit for trying something new, but this seems like an ambitious writing sample than an actual roadmap to a decent film. While Juno had the heart and wide appeal to meet a mass audience, Jennifer’s Body does not – and on top of that, it lacks a well-paced plot and consistent tone.

Overall, the script features some unique storytelling and interesting characters as well as some hilarious dialogue, but that is all overshadowed by the messed up shit that goes on in the second half – shit that I’m still disturbed by. And Jesus, if that shit on paper made me squirm, I can only imagine how it’ll translate to screen. And to add to this problem, the ending peters out, making this nonsense totally unjustified in my mind and turning it into something angsty and cliché la The Craft. With a better ending, maybe, just maybe this would have been tolerable from start to finish. Now, I have no idea how this is going to turn out, but I have a feeling a number of people are going to leave scratching their heads wondering what the hell they just saw.
I would rate it B-/C+ and If you end up using this credit me as "Diablo Fan"
Source:Latino Review,8/1/2008
Recently,(almost) nude photos of Megan Fox (from the set of Jennifer's Body) were posted on the Internet.Below,there are some of them.

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