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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Prison Break "Scylla/Breaking and Entering",S04E03 Trailer-Sneak Peek

The first season of Prison Break was great.From season 2,the quality of the series is declining,for a variety of reasons.Anyway,it still is an enjoyable show,but it needs a return to form.The fourth season has just began,with a 2-hour premiere.
For a while we knew that Sarah was not dead and that she will return.Her return in "Scylla" was underwhelming,a bit rushed,but it was still welcome."Scylla" was not a very good episode,but served as a basis for a better one."Breaking and Entering" was a pretty good,entertaining episode,with funny lines:"Did you eat bad mexican ?","I had to slow down not to catch you".To sum up,it was a decent premiere.Let's see how the season will develop.
S04E03 Trailer

S04E03 Sneak Peek

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