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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lethal Weapon 5 still in the works

By Nicole Sperling,
September 24,2008

When reports surfaced this week that writer-director Shane Black (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang) had signed on to direct Universal's Cold Warrior, it threw Lethal Weapon fans into a tizzy because they feared another installment of the beloved franchise would never come to pass. Truth is, the delay has nothing to do with Black, who wrote the first Lethal script and has penned a long treatment for a fifth iteration. (In fact, he plans to take over the director's reins from Richard Donner.) Lethal number 5 still hinges on Mel Gibson, who's currenlty filming Edge of Darkness in Boston. Longtime Lethal producer Joel Silver has been trying to nail down approval from Gibson about Black's approach, which includes introducing a pair of young NYPD cops.

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