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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Terminator Salvation Update.Terminator 5 in the Works?

-John Connor walking through a Terminator factory

Excerpts from two Terminator Salvation previews.

"Peeking at the post-apocalyptic world of 2018, we saw a giant old-school Terminator in action, some sleek futuristic T600 models, major explosions, Skynet's headquarters, a ruined Los Angeles, concentration camp-style transports for captured members of the resistance and much, much more." Moviefone

"[McG] brought us into his streamline trailer and showed us an 8-minute sizzle reel of the film. People haven't seen anything yet. And for those who believe this film will definitely be PG-13, think again. We saw a piece of footage that showed Moon Bloodgood topless in the rain, which certainly gave me the impression that the rating has yet to be decided." Slashfilm
After the jump,Terminator 5 news.

The Terminator will be back.

Halcyon Co. toppers Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek are developing a fifth instalment of the man-vs.-machine franchise.

Helmer McG, who directed the upcoming fourth pic, "Terminator Salvation," is working with the Halcyon duo on the latest project.

Announcement was among the news that came out of the Dubai Intl. Film Festival, which bowed Dec. 11 and runs through Thursday.

No decision has been made as to where to film the next "Terminator," although the Middle East was mentioned as a locale.

When Anderson and Kubicek acquired the rights the lucrative "Terminator" franchise last year from previous owners C2, the former ad exec and banker envisaged the re-booted series as a trilogy. Christian Bale has signed on in the role of John Connor for all three roles. Newest pic is tentatively skedded for a 2011 release.

The duo had originally planned to wait until the release of "Terminator Salvation" next summer before deciding on whether to proceed with the next chapter, but the positive studio, fan and media reaction to footage from the current pic has encouraged them to move forward ahead of schedule.

"We feel the time is now to start shaping the next part of this," Kubicek said.

Warner Bros. is handling the domestic release of "Terminator Salvation" with Sony handling the majority of the rest of the world, with the exception of the Middle East where the film is being handled by Dubai-based Gulf Film.

No decision has been made yet on whether the fifth "Terminator" will be once again split by Warner Bros. and Sony. (By Ali Jaafar,Variety)

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