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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Leon and his Demons:1 year anniversary

On December 21st last year I embarked on what would turn out to be an exciting journey.
1 year has passed since the start of this effort.1 year with new developments in politics,in the state of the economy,in the entertaiment industry.As time passed,the blog changed.From a blog with few reviews and features,it became a blog with daily updates,news,reviews,features about movies and television.

Maintaining the blog requires a lot of work and at times,it's difficult to keep up with all the developments in the entertaiment industry.It's a challenge.However,the positive feedback from the visitors is the best compensation for all this work.

As i mentioned earlier,the blog changed,the blog evolved.My aim was to combine original material with select articles from other sources,along with trailers and other videos.More changes will come and i'll try to write more often.I have a lot of plans,lot of features that i'm working on and certainly lot of surprises.It's going to be an exciting second year.
Be sure to check Leon and his Demons for daily updates.
Thank you for visiting.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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