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Monday, October 20, 2008

Bourne Ultimatum Scribe Returns for Bourne 4

By Jessica Barnes,Cinematical
October 17,2008

There aren't many movie franchises that have managed to keep their fans happy as time goes on, with maybe the exception being those Bourne movies. I always thought one of the stand-out traits of the spy franchise was just how darn good all three films are. So it's no surprise that Universal wasted zero time in chucking the latest installment of the franchise into production. Variety now reports that Universal has hired George Nolfi, one of the co-writers of the third installment, to pen the latest addition to the super-spy flicks.

Confirmation of a fourth film appeared last spring, but both Greengrass and Damon were a little cagey on details -- plus the two had already started work on their Iraq drama, Green Zone. According to Variety, Universal is going full steam ahead with the project, and are considering it their "top priority" for the coming year. Nolfi only has a few credits under his belt, and sure, he did help write Ultimatum, but the bad news is that he was also behind the laughably awful Timeline and Ocean's 12, (arguably the weakest of the 'paper thin' trilogy).

Bourne 4 will be the first film that will not take its title from one of Robert Ludlum's novels, so I can only guess that Universal wasn't interested in using any of the newer titles or storylines. Bourne 4 is expected to arrive in theaters in 2010. What sort of adventure would you like to see Bourne take on this time around?

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