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Monday, November 8, 2010

Tv Schedule November 8-14, 2010

Monday November 8

How I Met Your Mother S06E08 'Natural History'

Lie to Me S03E05 'The Canary’s Song'

Hawaii Five-0 S01E08 'Mana’o (Belief)'

In Treatment S03E09 Sunil – Week Three
S03E10 Frances – Week Three

Gossip Girl S04E08 'Juliet Doesn’t Live Here Anymore'

House S07E06 'Office Politics'

Tuesday November 9

Stargate Universe S02E07 'The Greater Good'

Sons of Anarchy S03E10 'Firinne'

In Treatment S03E11 Jesse – Week Three

S03E12 Adele – Week Three

Thursday November 11

The Big Bang Theory S04E08 'The 21-second Excitation'

Community S02E08 'Cooperative Calligraphy'

The Vampire Diaries S02E09 'Katerina'
S01E09 'One Way'

30 Rock S05E07 'Brooklyn Without Limits'

Fringe S03E06 '6955 kHz'

Burn Notice S04E13 'Eyes Open'

Friday November 12

Smallville S010E08 'Abandoned'

Supernatural S06E08 'All Dogs Go To Heaven'

Sunday November 14

Boardwalk Empire S01E09 'Belle Femme'

Dexter S05E08 'Take It!'

Bored to Death S02E08 'Super Ray Is Mortal!'

The Walking Dead S01E03 'Tell It to the Frogs'

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